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Is there a way to make Gradle output be displayed in Intellij Console when starting tasks from Gradle window? Learn more. Asked 3 years, 11 months ago. Active 5 months ago. Viewed 23k times. But I can't find the reason of the fail.

Aliaxander Aliaxander 2, 3 3 gold badges 13 13 silver badges 36 36 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. Vojtech Ruzicka Vojtech Ruzicka I been working in command line for years already just because I didn't knew about this. Is there a different way to do the same in this version? Now you can see both console output and steps at the same time by default.

Updated my answer. In IDEA See circled icon in image:. Farrukh Najmi Farrukh Najmi 3, 2 2 gold badges 26 26 silver badges 40 40 bronze badges. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown.

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IDE Development Instances

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I was unable to find an option allowing to do this. Note that I know how can I hide event log window, I want to hide also its summary form text on the status bar with icon allowing to bring event log window back.

Even the official documentation has. Or, you can also hide it by clicking on the icon on the top-right of the Event Log window. The icon looks like a bar half black and half white with an arrow facing downward. Event Log Window displays notifications so you can disable notification and nothing will be logged.

Learn more. How can I hide event log in IntellijIdea?

intellij logs

Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 3 months ago. Active 5 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 1k times. Ability to filter messages also would solve this problem. I marked parts of interface that I want to remove. It is distracting and in my experience it never has an important information. Even the official documentation has shows the information about "important" events scare quotes are present in original. Active Oldest Votes. It hides window, but event log is still displayed at the bottom with spam like "Plugin '.This page contains the latest available build for a given version.

The following major versions get updated with the latest builds:. We highly appreciate your feedback! I would second that. Idea 7 is sluggish for editing, and a has a number of issues which lock the Editor pane when a "background" task is executing like compile. Also, I'd love to see the feature where the dialog boxes such as Reload Project come to the front and are focused when they are blocking the editor. Currently, if they get buried behind a window, they can be hard to find.

IntelliJ IDEA. Adding a Project to Git and GitHub

I see this all the time. It can edit as normal, until it is "reloading compiler caches", which takes about minutes.

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After that, I can edit again. Anyways, I don't have lockups of more than 1 minute, but still the overall performance could be a bit better, I absolutely second that. Still, it's very usable for me, switched from Eclipse less than a month ago and I love it! Keep up the good work! We found the problem.

Will the problem persist? If you have similar issues compiling, you might want to check those boxes. But it has become so slow for our larger projects, no matter what JVM settings I use, that I am having a hard time recommending it to others. As I said, I have tried many recommended configs that help a little, use no facets, and disabled all unneeded plug-ins, but I still get long delays and growing memory footprints.

I'm finding the same thing. I'm starting to consider switching to another IDE as IntelliJ is coming way too bloated out of the box. I almost wish I could just revert back 3 or 4 versions so I could have my a lighter, faster IDE back. My Eclipse brethren working on the same codebase do not see the same lag times or memory footprint that I do and its providing a big temptation to switch especially since I'm the only IntelliJ user on the team. Which refactorings would you like to see?

Does that mean that you will release final version before fall ?A big part of troubleshooting your code is inspecting the logs. At Google Cloud, we offer Cloud Codea plugin to popular integrated development environments IDEs to help you write, deploy, and debug cloud-native applications quickly and easily. Stackdriver Loggingmeanwhile, is the go-to tool for all Google Cloud Platform GCP logs, providing advanced searching and filtering as well as detailed information about them.

intellij logs

But deciphering logs can be tedious. The new Cloud Code logs viewer helps you simplify and streamline the diagnostics process with three new features:. Simply open the logs viewer and Cloud Code displays all your Stackdriver logs. You can edit the filters just like you do in Stackdriver, and if you would like to see more detailed information you can easily return to Stackdriver Logging from the IDE with your filters in place.

In contrast to kubectl logs, Stackdriver logs are natively integrated with Google Cloud. Learn more about Stackdriver Logging here. The new logs viewer provides a structured logs viewing experience that has several new features including: severity filters, colorized output, streaming capabilities, and timezone conversions.

The new logs viewer presents an organized view of logs and lets you filter and search your logs from within VS Code. Think of the logs viewer as your first stop for all of your logs without having to leave your IDE.

Stackdriver Logging comes to Cloud Code in Visual Studio Code

The logs viewer will supports kubectl logs. Kubernetes logs are complex. The new logs viewer lets you filter on Kubernetes-specific elements including: namespace, deployment, pod, container, and keyword.

This allows you to easily see logs for specific pod or all the logs from a given deployment, helping you so you can navigate complex logs more effectively.

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In addition to manual filtering, you can access the logs viewer from the Cloud Code resource browser and use the tree view to filter your logs. This way, you can locate a resource with the context around it. The tree view shows status and context information that can help you find important logs such as unhealthy or orphaned pods.

To learn more, check out this guide to getting started with the Log Viewer. Get started for free.The Edit Log Files Aliases table displays the list of log files. Click the Add button. In the Log File Location field, specify the log files to display during running or debugging. You can specify the files by using two options:. Specify the full path to a specific file. Type the path manually or click the Browse button and select the file.

Specify the base directory and add an Ant pattern that defines the fileset to be displayed. Optional Select the Show All Files Coverable by Pattern checkbox to open a separate tab for each log file that matches the specified Ant pattern.

intellij logs

In the Edit Log Files Aliases table, select the Is Active checkbox to have the log entries displayed in the corresponding tabs in the Run tool window or Debug tool window. To skip the previous content of the selected log, select the checkbox in the Skip Content column. For that, add specific Conversion Pattern to your log. In the Alias field, type the alias for the log entry.

You can specify the files by using two options: Specify the full path to a specific file. Click OK. Last modified: 10 April Set configuration options View running processes.This tab is only available if you are using Git or Mercurial for version control.

This tab shows all changes committed to all branches of the local and remote repositories, or to a specific branch or repository. The Commits pane is located on the left of the tool window and shows the commits to all or selected branches from the local and remote repositories.

The Changed Files pane is located on the right of the tool window and shows the list of files that were modified within the selected commit. The Commit Details pane is located on the right under the Changed Files pane and shows the details of the selected commit.

Toolbar some of the toolbar commands are duplicated in the context menu. This area shows a list of all commits made to the selected branch, or to all branches.

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For each commit, the list shows the commit message, the author, and the commit date. The latest commit in each branch is supplied with a label with the name of the branch in which it was performed. Commits to the current branch are displayed against the light blue background, while commits to all other branches are shown against the white background. For Git, the color of the label depends on the branch type local or remote. The current branch head is marked with a yellow label, remote branches are marked with the violet label, and local branches with a yellow label.

For Mercurial, there are different color labels for bookmarks, open heavy branches and closed heavy branches. Clicking an arrow takes you to the next commit in a long branch:. In multi-repository projects, the colored stripe on the left indicates which root the selected commit belongs to each root is marked with its own color.

Hover the mouse cursor over the colored stripe to invoke a tip that shows the root path: You can also enable the Show Root Names option if you want to expand the Roots column with full root names.

Committed changelists often correspond to issues in tracking systems. You can jump to such issues in a browser right from the Commits pane. This functionality is available if:. The pattern of the bug tracking system is specified in the Issue Navigation Settings Preferences dialog. After issue navigation has been configured, issue numbers in commit messages are rendered as links.

Clicking such link brings you to the corresponding page of your issue tracker.

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Match Case : only entries with the matching case count. Use this drop-down to filter commits by branch or favorite branches.

Setting log options

If you want to see commits from all local and remote branches, select All. Use this list to filter commits by author. To view all commits by a specific author, click Select and start typing the author's name.

To view commits by all users, select All. Use this list to filter commits by a time-frame or a specific date. To view commits made on a specific date, click Select and specify the date.

To view commits made on all dates, select All. Use this list to filter commits by the folder for projects that have one rootor by the root and folder for multi-rooted projects.

To view commits to a specific folder, click Select Folders and specify the folder name. For multi-repository projects, you can also select the checkbox next to one or several roots in the Roots section.All rights reserved.

This page describes how to control some of the settings for the Development Instance. A common use case is to develop build a plugin project against a JDK, e. It has some modifications by JetBrains, such as fixes for native crashes not present in official JDK builds.

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To produce accurate results while running or debugging a plugin project in a Development Instance, follow the procedures below to ensure the Development Instance uses a JetBrains Runtime. This example will use macOS, but Windows and Linux follow the same procedure. To acquire the compatible JetBrains Runtime:.

By default, the Gradle plugin will fetch and use the version of the JetBrains Runtime for the Development Instance corresponding to the version of the IntelliJ Platform used for building the plugin project.

In this situation no additional configuration is required. When adding system property idea. This allows a much faster development cycle by avoiding a full restart of the development instance after code changes.

For Gradle-based plugins using gradle-intellij-plugin 0. This information is stored in a different location than for the installed IDE itself. For Gradle-based plugins, the default Sandbox Home location is defined by the IntelliJ Platform gradle-intellij-plugin. The default Sandbox Home location for Gradle-based plugin projects is:. The default Sandbox Home directory location for DevKit-based plugin projects is:.

At the next launch of a Development Instance, the subdirectories will be repopulated with the appropriate information.